I am…

Anneli Sandstrom – a UK-based, Swedish graphic designer with a Master of graphic design degree, from Gothenburg University, Sweden.
Spontaneous and upbeat, I’m a lover of life and a seeker of the exhilarating.
Small companies, start-ups, HUGE multi-nationals, from branding and rebranding, onto packaging and websites, my clients are diverse and my services span everything from social posts to shelf presence.  

Many of my clients call me their 'outsourced' creative department. It’s a title I cherish.

Setback? Bounce back, that’s my motto. A true self-starter, I’m nothing if not productive, constructive and resilient.


I’ve done…

You could say I’ve been busy. For 12 years I’ve freelanced. For the last eight years I’ve set up and ran with a retail company. It’s called 'One Must Dash', and it’s a real labour of love, with digital shop shelves filled with Scandi-style interior accessories.

Back when I was working the traditional 9-to-5, I worked at Nilson Group, Sweden’s largest shoe retailer, where I designed marketing material for shop windows, displays, branding and logos, as well as redesigning one of the retail brands.

Big business, small business – I have the first-hand experience and insight – the real business acumen that makes all the difference when visuals must translate to pence, pounds and profit.


I do…

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Squarespace and Shopify – and I do them with a clever combination of form and function – beauty and purpose. But I only do this and use these tools after getting to know your company on a deep level – the things that make you, you – the features or details that make your products or services different to anything else in the world.


I’m here…

And waiting for your call - it’s going to be wonderful to hear from you. Let’s chat. Email me on hello@annelisandstrom.com or give me a ring on +44(0)7919861967.